A little cup auction

August 7th, 2007

So, most people who’ve been keeping tabs on the whole WBC thing know I used two different single estates – Herbazu in Costa Rica and Gethumbwini in Kenya.  Before I left for Tokyo I was rooting around for bits and pieces and came across a couple of cups from Ancap.  I have no idea how limited they are, but the set of 6 each has a different producing origin portrayed on the outside.  Of the six one happened to be Costa Rica and another Kenya so I wrapped them up and stuffed them in amongst my hundred weight of kit and took them along.

The champions from Kenya and Costa Rica were both great and whilst I was running around like an eejit Anette very calmly spoke to them and asked them each to sign their respective cups.  So rather than hoarding I thought I’d share the love – sort of.



I figured the easiest way to do this would be a silent auction.  All money will go directly to CoffeeKids  and if you want to bid then just use a contact form with your bid and which cup you want in it.  Maybe no one will be bid and you’ll get a bargain.  I will ship anywhere in the world from my own pocket.  I’ll give this a couple of weeks – will clarify once I’ve worked out where I’ll be when.

So please – bid!

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