I am amazed, delighted and still a little in shock.  I made the finals tomorrow.  The running order will be something like:




New Zealand

USA (possibly)

Brazil (possibly – not too sure who is on when after me!)

Thank you to everyone for your support.  It has been amazing, I hope to do you all proud.  Looking forward to it a lot, and extra huge thanks to all the baristas who have been incredibly supportive and friendly.  It is an honour.

A little shopping and prepping tonight and hopefully some sleep and let’s see what tomorrow brings…..

(I still don’t quite believe it!)

92 thoughts on “Finals!

  1. Congratulations from a brazilian barista that lives in New Zealand!
    Goog Luck tomorrow!

  2. Bravo James! Good Luck tomorrow. All of us at Evergreen in Corfu and Athens are with you.

  3. Great show James!!!
    please make sure that some one will take care of your camera?
    looking forward to see the pics of your final performence!!!

    And please take the cup to Europe!!

    Jeroen Veldkamp

  4. Fantastic! Imagine what could happen when everything goes to plan… Best of luck tomorrow!

  5. JEeeeeesha really well done James! I can only imagine how you feel now it must be really tough, though! Fingers crossed for tomorrow, eh tonight here local time.

  6. Good Luck – although I kind of have a hope that my fellow antipodean pulls it off!

    (after all he may not be an Aussie but he is using an Aussie bean in his blend)

  7. You might be amazed that you are through, but, rest assured, many of us are hardly surprised.

    Best of British,


  8. Fantastic Jamsey …. saw it on the link … v. cool milk display. Love the specs… Good luck tomorrow … will be watching out from Belfast. (ps keep those 2 boys off the Black Bush!)

  9. Congratulations, James!! Good luck in the finals, all the Moldvaers are rooting for you! :o)

    Love, Vibeke

    PS Say hi to Anette for me..!

  10. James.
    This is nail biting stuff.
    Best of British & any other kind available….
    I’m not superticious, but everything’s crossed anyway, just in case:¬)

  11. Way to go Jim :) Never doubted you being in the finals. Wish I could have seen this year’s performance live too. All your presentations I’ve ever seen have been great: natural and relaxed. So, keep doing what you do so seemingly effortlessly, and continue to have fun doing it :D

  12. Well done James! Russian baristas wish you luck in the finals, cos’ everything else you got to become next World Champ. Got my fingers crossed m8!

  13. Congratulations! Very well done.

    Does this mean when we come to the UK we can expect great coffee?

    Brilliant work and great to see a coffee blogger as WBC.

  14. I am speechless and so proud for you! All the hours of practise now seems worth it. Your life will never be the same!

  15. Go UK!

    I’ve followed your progress with a real interest – it’s wonderful to see the results.
    Now will we see a growth in the scene in London? You could be the catalyst!

  16. UHU!!!!

    congratulations!!! I cant stop watching ur presentation!
    really enjoyed the soundtrack :o)

  17. Congrats James!
    You are living proof that a passion for perfection is all that is needed to get to the very top of your field.

    Well done.

  18. Bugger – Knew we should have got flights out there!
    Congrats and well done.

  19. Congratulations on winning WBC yet again!

    Gethumbwini Peaberry is my favourite too. I’ve been waiting forever for SM to have stock. My 10 pound order just came in.

  20. Congratulations.
    I have been quietly reading and learning from your blog for the last year and I think it is fair to say that you well deserve the win for the love and passion that you put into the culture. And of course the fact that you are clearly an awesome barista!

  21. James,

    You were an inspiration yesterday! Your relaxed professionalism was absolutely charming and unforgettable. Heaps of congratulations for you, and of course your coach Stephen!

    All the best, barista of the year.

    Robert + Amber

  22. Congratulations James!!! We are inspired by your performance and your true passion.

  23. Well Done James!!
    A well deserved champion I wish you all the best on your year as our leader of the barista!!

  24. I am Over the MOON !!
    Passion allways shines……..
    I have sat here for 10 minutes thinking what to write ???
    cant say any more than you Really really deserve this…
    proof that nice guys DO win things.

  25. Some magic from the big lad …. Had to match the Norwegian!Congratulations. Brilliant. H.

  26. WOW!! I’ve just read the news and seen the video – well done James!!!

    A really superb performance – you did so much, so well, yet with an impression of effortlessness … class(!)
    Loved the sig drink (and the glasses for it).


  27. James,
    It was great to see you win. I won’t feel any guilt about the power for your hot plates anymore. Next time, let me know when you want coffee before you have to find it off the floor.

  28. James, Congratulations, clearly well deserved. So when and where are we going to see this London coffee shop Metro was talking about?

  29. Congratulations! (tried sending an sms, but I guess you won’t get it over there.. :o)) Lots of love from all of us here in Trondheim!

  30. They say this years championship was full of great baristas and the level was extremely high. And you are the best of them all!!! Congratulations! This truly underlines how good you are at what you do. Well deserved! What a great year for you and Anette!


  31. Congratulations! It’s wierd, I hardly know you, but I had a premonition you were going to win! Couldn’t happen to a better guy! Well deserved win.

  32. James – amazing stuff, you are so deserving of this title. As Roots says ‘I’m in awe’

  33. James deserves every bit of his success. I am proud to to have been part of his entry into the coffee world when James joined us four or so years ago to manage our concession in Oxford Street. He was one of our pioneers in our Gaggia Caffe Academie and has always kept in touch even after he left to join the competition. I recently had lunch with James and we caught up on old times. He always asked searching questions and spent hours reasearching and practicing. I am very honoured to be associated with James and look forward to seeing his successes in the future. I wish all the very best.

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