So…. Tokyo…..

July 27th, 2007

Well, it is absurdly early in the morning and, with my flight looming, I am doing what most champions will have been doing at some point. Ironing. And then more ironing.

Its been a few good days doing all the normal things you do in the run up to competition:

- Obsessing over every word you may or may not plan to say

- Hand sorting every gram of your greens before roasting

- Sacrificing small furry animals to any and all appropriate gods

- Ironing

- Spending too much on pretty table items you’ll probably never use again and only grow to resent when you have to lug them back halfway across the world.

- Collecting fresh child urine in order to pass random drugs screenings (If we’ve learnt anything from the Tour de France…..)

- Occaisonally relaxing and thinking it might be ok.

- Mostly stressing that it won’t be.

- And of course, screwing around with latte art when you should be packing stuff up. If I am not dedicated to the latte art challenge then who will be? So – I give you a pour in the brave hands of Anette:

A few more on flickr.

And so – WBC time it is. I am looking forward to this year, and I am hoping I get to explore Tokyo at least a little bit. It will be nice to see lots of people again, catch up and rant on over much drink (Sake maybe?). Wish me luck I guess (unless you are a supporter of “the opposition”) and I will try and do us proud. I will do my best to photograph and post on here but if Berne taught me anything its that I am a bit rubbish at the internet when under pressure. Best keep an eye on ZacharyZachary….

(On a side note I am quietly hoping they will get around to telling us what day we are on – once I know I’ll post it up….)

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