You don’t know what you’ve got….

til its gone.

That sounds a bit dramatic, and it probably is.  I realised today that I am just not around proper coffee as much as I used to be.  I have tried to go out and buy some decent whole bean coffee but the only place nearby sells it from big tins and it didn’t smell or taste all that fresh despite protestations from the staff.

I suppose its time I started taking the advice I all too regularly get to online and buy something decent.  Any recommendations?

12 thoughts on “You don’t know what you’ve got….

  1. Ha! Well, possibly. However I’ve been so busy these last couple of months that I have no idea what people have in new, what they are loving and what is coming to the end of its peak lifespan. So I thought I’d ask…..

  2. Hey Jim How’s it going?

    You should have enough fingers in pies by now to be able to scrounge some fantastic coffees Jim.


    On a side note:
    I’ll give you a shout when we’ve roasting something extra special and we can put some in the post for you(for a small fee obviously) and we”ll let it de-gass on the carrier in a one way valve. I’ve got some El Salvidor Pacamara which i’m sitting on at the moment. Can’t wait to cup it!


  3. *lol* Now you really know how the rest of us feel :p Unfortunately, I don’t have anything new to add to the regular culprits with whom you’re already familiar. Would be interesting if you tried the new Camosim to note how different it may be to last year’s.

  4. Stuart – Sounds good to me, let me know when you are ready to ship and we’ll sort something out….
    Filip – CCC were kind enough to send me some coffee a few months ago, and it cost a fortune in shipping. How are you getting hold of it?
    Marcy – Looks like I’ll be shopping at HB tomorrow then! Haven’t tried the new Camocim yet, last years was so sweet it was crazy!

  5. I MIGHT be at a slight advantage working at Octane which is down the street from their training center… maybe…

  6. I don’t know how to ask it so publicly – but, do you mean you-know-who (just to widen my narrow sight)??? And what did you try to buy?

  7. […] other news I received some coffee from Germany,courtesy of Wolfredo who looked kindly upon my lack of coffee.  This is the first time I have received coffee packaged like this.  I was impressed!  I look […]

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