Just to explain

June 6th, 2007

Things are quiet on here for a few reasons.

1 – I am busy having far too much good coffee in this fine city of Vancouver, and enjoying wonderful hospitality from all here.

2 – I have no laptop with me, so the 300 photos or so that I have taken are stuck in memory card limbo.  (I might try and buy one today if I am feeling flush).

3 – We are having a few documentation problems due to the fussiness of the US that may well mess with our itinerary a little bit.  (hopefully these should be sorted by tomorrow).

4 – I can’t think of a fourth reason, perhaps cos I am a bit lazy.

Stephen has posted, and David is posting as well.  I will post soon (I have a notebook so I don’t forget anything).  Soon.  Honest.

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