Best of Panama #1 goes for $130/lb!

I am sure most folks will have seen this by now but if not the auction results for Best of Panama are here: 

Once again Esmeralda sets a new record……

Commentary on this already rages and it will be interesting to see how each of the winning members of the buying groups brings the coffee to market.

3 thoughts on “Best of Panama #1 goes for $130/lb!

  1. Some quick sums – $130 a pound – $286 per kg – thats £143 per kg – say you loose 30% in roasting – that gives you £186 per roasted kg before you take any of your costs into account. In a cup of single brew filter using say 20g – £3,72 per cup cost before any margin!!! Yikes.

    Where does this coffee end up at retail?

  2. I think it will be sold at cost by the cup – with maybe a little tiny quantity available as whole bean. I think the price is too high for the market right now, though perhaps it will help create its own market and pave the way for substantially higher prices across the board (this is from a consumer buying a bag of beans point of view).

    Part of me thinks the other prices seem a little low but I’d really have to taste the coffees before making such a statement – though word is most are excellent.

    It will be interesting to see how the press releases are handled by the 7 different roasters.

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