CoE Colombia First Harver 2007 Top 10 Descriptor Cloud

I thought this might be more interesting than it turned out to be. I had to mash words together to get the generator to see them as one descriptor. This might be more interesting with a better generator and with easier data to work with – it would also be interesting to compare a cloud from one auction to another.

greatchocolate creamymouthfeel brightacidity brightcherry delicate round cedarwoodaromatics sweet creamybody darkchocolate buttery chocolatespicearoma peanuts sweethazelnut peach almonds cherry floralnote syrupybody notablyclean chocolate smoothsweetmouthfeel orangeblossom coconut richbody crisp notablysweet sweetchocolate caramelaroma longcreamyfinish sweetmilkchocolate delicatefloralaromatics brightfruitacidity complex richcreamybody floral milkchocolate honey vanilla roses pleasantblackpepperfinish citric balanced longcomplexfinish sugarcane caramel winy jasmine creamy veryclean cleanandbright syrupymouthfeel sweetmelon sparklingfinish brightlivelyacidity citricandcomplex smoothfinish cherryfloralnotes chocolatecaramel redwinenotes lemon blackberry verysweet wellbalanced roundmouthfeel juicy peachandapricot citrus smoothbrightacidity creamysilkymouthfeel blueberry crispacidity

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