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Here is a list of coffee blogs I currently subscribe to. It is by no means exhaustive, and is exported out of Google Reader. The list has been trimmed down, excluding blogs that have not been updated in 2010.

This isn’t a suggested list either – I am not saying one way or the other whether I think you ought to follow these blogs too.

If I have missed something obvious, or you think I should change/add/delete something then do please leave a comment.

39 thoughts on “Complete Blog links page

  1. Thanks a lot for this great list. And for having me on the number 1 spot. ;)
    I’ll check them all and add new favourites on my own iink list.

    Antwerp Barista

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the link to Five Senses, and thanks for the site. Great work.

    One request though: the link you have for the Five Senses website is incorrect …. could you remove the /post from the end?


  3. Here’s one I quite like… Cosy Coffee Shops ( ). It’s a guide to independent coffee shops in Britain. The blogger visits them personally.

    Ok… I admit… it’s my blog. I don’t get a penny out of writing/publicising it, by the way (it’s just a hobby).

    If anyone can recommend a coffee house I’ll add it to the readers’ recommendations page, and hopefully pay it a visit.

  4. Hi James,

    Could you please add our new blog? Its

    It’s a blog about coffee and barista training but also about our thoughts when running a coffee company. Might be interesting to see how ‘the other side’ thinks.

    Would be much appreciated!
    You have a link back.

    Many thanks, Youri

  5. You missed (Seth Lester), who I know you’ve repped previously,,, (recently live again),, and although I don’t post too often,

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