Thoughts on the Chemex

April 3rd, 2007

After giving in to the curiousity caused mostly by Tonx‘s postings on it, I bought a Chemex. Before it arrived it turned out Anette had bought me a bigger, better version. Which was a pleasant surprise.

It has become my standard way of making coffee at home if I am relaxing or working. Part of the slightly unscientific way in which I use it bugs me. I am never really quite consistent with my dose, and the period of time where you soak the grounds in a little water (the “bloom” as Chemex likes to call it) varies a little as well.

This afternoon's Chemex

I like the coffee I get out of it very much, and it is a very pretty vessel. It could just be the coffees I am using with it but I do tend to get cups with great mouthfeel, lovely sweetness but often not quite the nuance and character I know the coffees are capable of. Don’t get me wrong – I love the coffee it makes, yet I worry I am doing something wrong or am missing a trick somewhere. That or maybe that’s just the kind of coffee it makes.

Comments from fellow Chemex owners very welcome. What kind of dose/grind are you using?

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