Messing around with some glass cups

February 21st, 2007

Wandered into town today having seen that Starbucks were giving away free coffee between 2pm and 4pm.  Turns out it was part of FairTrade fortnight (let’s not get into ethics or labelling in coffee) and they were giving away a tall cup of their Cafe Estima blend.  I timed it just right for the first cup of a fresh brew.  I wandered out of the store, cup in hand, only to be cornered for a “taste test” which I was happy to partake in.

They were brewing the Estima as both drip and french press and wanted people to taste the difference.  Oddly they seemed more interested in asking me which one tasted stronger.  This isn’t something I usually think about, as I was paying more attention to the coffee itself.  It tasted a bit flat and lacking in character.  I asked what was in the blend.  I was told the coffee was a blend and from Latin America.  “All of Latin America?” I asked, and was greeted with a confident “Yes.”  I asked when it was roasted and was told, quite confusingly, that it was roasted for at least 12 minutes.  Having asked the question again it they didn’t really know, but the bags did have sell by dates.  Turns out french press coffee is stronger too.  Still at least they are trying and the coffee wasn’t that bad.

What captured my imagination a little more today was a nice glass cup I found in Muji.  Snuck some time on a machine this evening just to see how capps looked and then it crossed my mind that making an americano in it might be quite pretty.  Turns out I was right!  If you click the pictures it will take you to a larger image on Flickr.  I took some pictures of the coffee just hitting the water, and it was a lot of fun and I am quite pleased with a few of the pictures:

The very first drop hits:

The coffee starts to mix (I like you can see the drip tray!):

I wish this one had come out a little better – it is quite cool though:

It is also quite nice to see how much foam you are really pouring without having to spoon it around…

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