The Blend

As usual I thought I would post up the blend I used in this regional.  It will probably change before the final:


50% Brazil Cachoeira de Grama Canario (Dried on Screen)

20% El Salvador Finca La Fany Bourbon

20% Colombia Quebradon Cooperative (past crop)

10% Brazil Toca de Onca (Inglaterra)


It was lovely, can’t wait to see where it goes next.  Roasted, as always, with considerable skill by Steve at HasBean

One thought on “The Blend

  1. Hi James,

    I love that you’re willing to disclose your baby! I was looking at this trying to figure out why there weren’t more comments here and then it hit me; whilst very specific descriptors of blends are lovely in narrowing down exactly what you’re going for, they’re a double-edged sword. For those of us (read: me) who don’t have access to those exact beans, what’s the chance of you commenting about what you were going for overall and what the individual beans contribute?



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