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January 11th, 2007

Keep an eye on your burrs. There is a great deal of chatter on the net about grinder maintenance but 95% of it is focused on espresso grinders. Granted – the effects of not looking after your espresso grinder are more obvious but I think people kind of forget their other coffee grinder and it needs a little love too.

Recently I picked up a Bunn G3A and it needed a little love. Bean hopper was pretty nasty, ground coffee exit and burr area all a bit nasty with old built up coffee. Stripped it down and put new burrs into it. Its interesting to see where the wear and tear had happened on the burrs – mostly on the large breaking teeth:



So – what condition are your filter grinder’s burrs in? When did you last open the grinder up to have a look? I strongly suspect it is an area we all too easily overlook in our weird obsession with espresso. I thought a quick poll might be interesting:


Having changed them I am enjoying, and am about to enjoy again, a Chemex of El Bosque’s Bourbon from Guatemala. Lovely stuff – really pleasing body, but a very clean cup (though this may also be the brewing method – still getting to grips with it!) and maybe a little spice. I might have to have another!

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