Competition Practise

January 4th, 2007

A lot of baristas who enter competitions are pretty active online (myself included) and yet very rarely do you see a post or article about practising for barista competition.  One of the reasons I don’t post about it much is that, to be honest, I hate the practise part.  I find it not only deathly boring but also a little stressful.  I much prefer being on stage and doing it.  I made a lot of cappuccinos today, though it is nice when you change something and it works out to have improved things.

I guess another reason we don’t post much is that we don’t want to give anything away.  (My god! Is he using brown cups!?!)  I felt this very much last year, but then I guess I had something that was visually striking that I didn’t want to reveal too soon.  This year is a bit different for me.  My blend isn’t yet sorted, my sig drink doesn’t require me wearing safety specs and a lab coat and I guess my reasons for competing have changed. 

Some blend testing tomorrow – which I am looking forward to.  I think the coffee will remain my favourite reason to compete, as (unlike most competition baristas) I rarely get to serve anyone my cup of coffee – the espresso that I enjoy.  Something I wish I could do more.


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