Some new cups and stuff

Through a slightly convoluted process, and with the very kind assistance of Matt Riddle, I now have some new Intelligensia cups and bits and pieces.  Got a couple of the new espresso cups and saucers (I really like the saucers), and had a little play with them today.  Not much latte art on display as the local stores milk was utterly, utterly awful (I know, I know – a bad workman…..)

Will try and take a few more pics soon.  Got a nice little teapot too!


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  1. Wow, this cups looks sooo american but at the same time totally stylish! Did you illuminate it? It’s sooo shiney!

  2. No, just ambient lighting. Though I did accidentally shoot these shots at ISO 1600 so I had to clean them up a bit afterwards which sometimes seems to make them glow a little bit. (NeatImage is great!)

  3. Awesome looking cups! Gotta figure out how to get some downunder …

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