My new Chemex and a stripped down grinder

December 27th, 2006

I was very pleased to get a Chemex for Christmas from Anette. I had been trying to buy one (and still may) having read people like tonx go on and on about how great they are. I got a couple of hundred filters with it and I am already churning through them at quite a rate. I love the coffee you get out of it, the body is excellent but it feels very clean. Its quite fun to make though any useful tips to get better coffee are gratefully accepted! (especially when it comes to how long to wet/”bloom” the coffee for) Looks very pretty too. Could it replace my aeropress? Quite probably!

Ready to drink

Had a really lovely Gethumbwini in there today, so much fruit though less acidity than I was expecting. I had cupped the same roast not so long ago and it is one of those weird coffees that, when cool, tastes nothing like coffee – this one tastes exactly like grapefruit, even down to the specific type of bitter grapefruit juice has. Wonderfully odd.

Brewing chemex

This all kept me company whilst I took to pieces an Anfim grinder my bosses very kindly gave me to modify. The strange thing about it is that having taken one completely to pieces they seem relatively simple machines, but yet I feel I know very little (annoyingly little) about grinding and lack some good hard facts on the process. Trouble is that no one is sharing any research anywhere – unless you get into the serious stuff about fracture mechanics or whatever it is called that doesn’t feel very relevant to espresso and coffee in general.

Coffee and deconstruction

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