November 6th, 2006

Just got back from Trieste yesterday, having been there for a tradeshow over the weekend.  The city is beautfiul, incredible architecture and a really nice feel to the place.  This is going to be a slightly disjointed post, but lots to cover.

The Show – triestespresso

This show alternates every year with the HOST show in Milan.  Because of this I kind of expected it to be a massive show, and it wasn’t really.  However, I don’t think this stops it being a high quality show for exhibitors and everyone I spoke to seemed to have had a good show.  I was there mainly because La Spaziale were there and it was a great chance to catch up with them.  (We all stayed over the border in Slovenia, in Portoroz which is a beautiful place with such good seafood… I digress).

Also at the show were a few people I knew including Stephen “The Flying Thud” Morrissey, who was working for Espresso Warehouse on the Elektra Stand.  They seemed very tolerant about me coming by and hanging out, pulling shots and messing around with some new steaming pitchers.

My rosetta from the new pitcher

The new pitcher

There was all sorts of stuff at the new show (from new syrups including a Fair Trade one – which takes me to the uncomfortable zone of the Fair Trade brand outside of coffee, about which I know very little so tend not to be quite so dismissive of! But then I hardly ever use syrups so I should probably worry less)

 There were all the major cup manufacturers there, and IPA in particular had a great stand with two corners taken up with some suspended cups displays over mirrored floors.


Also on show in their booth was the much lusted-after gold illy espresso cup with the bizarre hole in it.

Beautiful, if deeply impractical. 

Stephen catches me catching him browsing the cups


Vintage Espresso Machine Show

I was delighted to find that this show was on, for free, in Trieste.  It is one thing to own the book and to lust from afar, quite another to see them all up close.

The backs of machines just aren’t as good these days.  (This is possibly my favourite picture of them all)

I have no idea how this works, and frankly – I don’t care.  I love it!

Beautiful old logo

Monster groups like this wren’t really there for brewing anything like espresso, instead it was quick brewed filter coffee, by the cup expressly for the customer.  This is probably another post in itself.

The Illycaffe Concept Bar

Trieste is also famous for being the home of illycaffe and I was extremely interested to see their own concept bar that they had opened.  Inside the baristas were doing about 10 kilos of coffee a day, plus one kilo of decaf, through a four group San Marco lever machine.  There were lots of cups and other bits and pieces on sale.

Pulling my shot

Really wasn’t that great.  Tasted a bit dirty and sour.  Of course this is only 1 shot of 1000 a day, I am sure most were better.  Just my bad luck!

Handles rising….

Wall of different cups on display

Outside the tables were embedded with coffee beans.


It was a great trip, a lot of fun and also put a better perspective on what Italian Espresso really is all about (yet another post I guess).  Would love to go back again and explore a little more.

Trieste Flickr Set


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