OK, I apologise

The article on lipids is a bit dry and not an easy read, so apologies to those who’ve got in touch telling me not to be so boring!

Hopefully it will be a useful reference for the future lipid articles which should be more interesting.  (Honest!)


  1. Honestly, I was scared to read it. LOL. Yeah, will get to it one of these brave days.

  2. i anticipated having to read it three times, just like in college.

    i’m on my second run….. :-)

  3. No I guess it’s not an easy read, but thank you for writing it, some of us are interested in the more technical side of coffee, and someone has to take on the science.
    I like that most of your articles thus far approach some of the serious science while attempting to make it reasonably accessible for the average reader. You certainly have my attention all the way from NZ

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