Congrats and Commiserations

September 26th, 2006

Congratultions to Nick Cho of Murky Coffee and “fame” (if you are calling me at 1am then you clealy aren’t properly famous or you’d have sensible/interesting mystery guests!) on his win at his USBC regional.  We look forward to his performance at the finals next year.  I suspect I have picked up the royal we from Chemically Imbalanced to whom we pass our sincere commiserations on the loss of all the video footage he took of said regional.

I am at a trade show most of this week, until I fly out to Copenhagen ludicrously early for the NBC on Friday (looking forward to catching up with one and all!).  We have some new kit I am curious to play with and I have to give a series of talks about things I am not sure I should be talking about but look forward to nonetheless.

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