Latte art technique

September 21st, 2006

Something has been bugging me of late.  It is a little thing, but something I have yet to conquer so I thought I’d sort of ask for help.

Typically the rosettas I pour look like this:

On a really (really) good day they can look like this (courtesy of the awesome DwellTime)

Similar in style – though his is far nicer than mine.

But what I cannot pour are the really big, fat leaves like this (from Xavier Nunez):

Or the similar “big boned”, fat ass leaves from Tonx:

What I want, if not need, is video!  If you can pour fat leaves then please take a video, of any quality really, and stick a link in the comments here.  If there are videos online then I’d love to see them.  It really annoys me that I can’t do it so I have no choice but to turn to you good people for help!

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