The best baristas in the world….

September 20th, 2006

Now, this may seem like a bit of a turn around on my previous posts on home espresso but I think serious home baristas are, on average, the best in the world.  No – they may not do well if you put them on a bar at 8 in the morning, but they are an incredibly precise and careful bunch.

First of all their benchmarks are much higher.  Because the drink is solely for their pleasure there is more craft in every shot.  There isn’t half a pound of coffee to be sacrificed in dialing in the grinder.  Wastage isn’t an option because that bag of coffee and if that rosetta isn’t right then you don’t get to dump it and try it again.

The reason I am thinking about this is going from a bar environment with a friend to his home environment.  The shots were better at home, but harder won.  Made me realise that when I brew espresso at home I still have many more luxuries than most.

Looking forward to a commercial bar tomorrow to tear through some coffee and milk playing and perfecting little techniques.

(thanks for the hospitality!)

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