Research into coffee – who is it for?

September 18th, 2006

There is a huge amount of money spent on researching coffee.  This isn’t just the latest study telling you whether it is good or bad ( article – you may need to use for you, but also the many papers published that are of interest to the industry – ASIC’s conference has just finished (how I would have loved to go and just been totally outnerded!)

What I wonder is who is the research actually for?  Does it make its way into the hands of the farmers and certainly with the espresso research (I am fascinated to see if many papers submitted to ASIC this year are espresso based) – is it being read by baristas?

Often the answer is no – the language of the papers seems impenetrable to most of us.  So – I thought I would try and find a few papers (I have a few I have bought but I am not sure if I am violating copyright by making them free to download – I assume it is wrong but any advice welcome) and take them apart to see if there is anything contained within them that is of practical use to the person making coffee.

It may be a wasted exercise or I may find a few gems of information buried away in there.  We shall see…..

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