A random act of kindness

September 4th, 2006

Today clearly caught me in a good mood. I am going to send someone a bag of coffee beans of my choosing.

If you leave a comment then you are eligable and I will pick someone at random next Monday and send them 250g of roasted coffee beans. This is open to anyone in the world.

All I ask is that when the lucky recipient gets them they tell me what they think and send me a cool picture of them drinking the coffee, or brewing the coffee. Its up to them how they drink it.

It’s not really a proper competition, just a bit of fun.

edit – I have decided what the coffee will be: 250g of Fazenda Cachoeira Canario from HasBean. It was part of my UKBC and WBC blend.
There really is no catch or anything (I am not slyly creating a mailing list or anything!). Just leave a comment and someone gets the coffee.

edit – 08/09/06 – I will choose the lucky person tomorrow and they can choose either green or roasted.

Well done Logan!
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