Getting stuck into some reading

August 10th, 2006

Started leafing through my coffee library as I start researching a paper for a study group.

It is very easy to collect books on coffee for their own sake, and I am as guilty as the next man.  I’ve got lots of them (well – not hundreds or anything) that aren’t much good for reference as I have all the source texts.  Interesting to see how badly written many of them are, some barely above casual plagiarism.  I think I’ve probably posted before on the number of coffee books that anyone with a copy of Davids and Ukers could knock up in half a day.  Books published as a reaction to a percieved spike in the public’s interest in coffee.  Not useful books – but when you see them on ebay for 99p you can’t help but bid!
I love reading these older books, they have so much more character.  An imaginery prize to the first reader to correctly the identidy the book under Ukers….

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