Having a Hottop Roaster at home…

August 7th, 2006

Over the last few days we’ve had a little Hottop roaster in the kitchen, busily working away as Anette roasted up lots and lots of coffees for her folks to take back to Norway.
I’ve been exposed more to commerical roasting than I have to home roasting, and the one thing that jumped out was the one big difference between home and commercial espresso brewing:  The mess!

Ok – it isn’t that bad, it is just less tolerable at home than at work.  That and the smoke, and everything seeming to take a little longer.  If you are roasting for espresso this doesn’t seem to be a roaster that likes to run anywhere near its capacity.  However, what it did roast seemed pretty good.
I’d like to spend more time with it, but I think the general slowness of it all would frustrate me, as well as the lack of control in the roast.

However – I did recently get some greens from Sweet Marias and I plan to roast them in a home roaster, and brew them with my home setup to see what kind of espresso I get.

Freshly roasted El Salvador La Fany:

Cooling tray full of coffee:

Empty cooling tray (bar a little chaff):

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