Vintage Coffee…..

August 5th, 2006

Whilst I am pleased to see Hasbean getting some good press (halfway down the page) I am slightly concerned about the articles insistence that vintage coffee is the new, in-thing (despite being advised otherwise by Steve). Whilst people like George Howell and Terroir may be making in roads into increasing the shelf life of fresh coffee, telling people that coffee you’ve left lying around your warehouse for the last couple of years is now a terribly exciting and interesting thing is not “a good thing”.

Anette has written a suitably outraged, but helpful e-mail to the journalist and I will be interested to see the response. (I’ll post it on here too – the response, not Anette’s e-mail!)

I’d be interested to know who these experts are? Who is saying that old, baggy green coffee is good coffee?

Anyone for some OBJ?

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