Aerobie Aeropress

July 28th, 2006

Now I know I am something of a latecomer to this, and I confess that it took Steve giving me one for free (very kind) before I discovered the joys of it.

And what makes it so special is not the clarity of flavours or the cup quality, it is the fact that it is so damned easy and clean to use.

I remember reading Chris Tacy’s first home machine review and smiling when he wrote how different espresso at home was, compared to espresso at work – especially at work. Ground coffee everywhere is toerable at work, and having everything around and in a constant state of readiness make much espresso preparation a pleasure. At home it is a lot of work, mess, time and fuss for that little cup. So I often don’t bother. My S1 sits idle. I drink enough espresso (sadly bad espresso for diagnosis) at work so coffee at home has been a no go. Til now.

I enjoy making aeropress coffee and I enjoy drinking it. I don’t need to compromise to get something I can really enjoy. This can only be a good thing.


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