UK Barista Championship – Northern Irish Heat

Forgive me if this one is a little rambley. Writing this after being generously treated to a rather good meal at Roscoff, and a couple of drinks with those hanging around afterwards – I won’t name names. (Hello Hugh.)

So – the heat.

A good one I think. There will be pictures (I promise) and sadly I had to pop out for 3 hours in the afternoon so I only saw half the contestants. To cut to the chase Se Gorman won it. I am glad because I know Se, I worked with him in the UK Vs Ireland team comp and he is an all round nice guy. He was top six last year and has again raised his game putting in the second highest score so far in this competition.

Second was a ladyfrom one of Se’s stores called Emilie (who brought her own music and was great to watch, very chatty and fun) and third was Jon from Clements who has been to the finals before but I dont know if his score was enough to get him there this year, We shall see.

So – pictures to come when i get the camera charged back up and some peopl ein Glasgow mail me some pieces (Gary McGann of Espresso Warehouse has already sent me through the added press clipping below.

Sleep for me now, early start tomorrow and a long day following….

EDIT – Some pictures from the event:
(Full set at flickr)

Emilie (2nd) pouring some caps:

Se’s shots (nice little glass plate things):

About to stop the pour:

Foaming a little milk (nice apron embroidery!):

Foam under scrutiny:

Jon’s set-up:

Going for the tv chef/Wendleboe style:

Fondue set up:

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