A negative approach to learning

November 19th, 2005

I am constantly amazed by how often I see this. People who seem to want to learn by proving other people wrong, or by beligerantly trying to prove that whatever they have come to believe is absolutely right.

Learning, developing is incredibly enjoyable to me. Talking to people, listening to other viewpoints and the summaries of experiences and haven’t had, and maybe won’t.

It is very wearying to deal with people who seem to think knowledge is a pissing contest, that at some point someone has to be “right” and someone “wrong”. More often than not they are looking to try and justify what they do, and the fact that they don’t like it, or don’t try particularly hard at it.

I have been wrong many many times. I will be wrong a million times more. Being wrong is a far better way to learn than believing you are always right.

Rant over.

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