The mysteries of how we taste

Back on the research kick again (It seems I either make coffee or learn about it. Perhaps I should get out more.)

Now I understand the basic mechanics of how we taste but I want to learn more so I can work on getting better at doing it, to develop my palate more and to help others do the same.

And if I see one more useless, misleading tongue map….

There isn’t a great deal out there it seems, so I might try looking down the perfumiers route, see if there is anything published on what they do.

I feel my cupping skills are getting stronger, but I think I need to cup more with the scoresheet as I help it concentrates me and my opinions more. Plus I should get used to it if I ever want to go and do Cup of Excellence (which I do!)

Bought a printer and I am now in the process of creating hard copies of all the articles I have sitting on my laptop so I can actually read them!
(Though this could easily spiral into a rant about the cost of ink!)

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