The time has come

June 18th, 2005

I’ve started buying up some scientific equipment and the like for the milk experiments I’ve been planning.
I’ve got my little equations, know exactly what I want to do. I should really get in touch with Morten from the Copenhagen Coffee Academy again to make sure I am not going to do anything stupid (and I still really want to see the presentation they’ve been giving on the milk foam structure).

Problem with e-bay is that once you start…. There is so much stuff on there that I want for all the other random experiments I end up doing, or would like to. The Fat Duck are so busy at the moment (well – if you will go and win “Best Restaurant in the World”…) that i rarely get over there though the stuff Chris sent me on MethylCellulose is very interesting. Could be time to make some perfect souffles!

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