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  1. Just installed this little tagboard. If people use it then it stays. If no one uses it and it fills up with spam then it will be gone pretty soon. Say hello

  2. seems like this is the cool thing to do..

  3. cool feature! I’m with Barrett, where’s the blogroll?

  4. Hello Jim, love your site. See you on the 20th. RB

  5. ch3ap v1agr a!!! sorry, couldn’t resist. keep up the cafe reviews. always nice to see what’s out there.

  6. … of course it fills up with spam. But it’s pretty funny anyway!

  7. well at least this board is easy to clean up of spam, and there is a spam filter on it.

  8. The blogroll is slowly coming back, as hopefully you guys have noticed below. I will post something when it is done to make sure there are no problems with it, and I haven’t missed anything out.

  9. Nice. Your blog is so much techier than anything I can blogger up ;P

    … so when am I getting on the blogroll?

  10. Blogger just sucks. I am so happy I moved over to wordpress, tis the only (free) way.

  11. As for the blogroll – I am getting there, it takes a while to add all the links and descriptions!

  12. Hey Jim, good to see you in italy, I have to say the milk pics are interesting, but they look a bit like fried eggs! Not my cup of tea. David (EW)

  13. wow – impressive website… nice blog – just visiting from CoffeeCrew

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